Free Quotes

If you have a house design in mind and you’d like a quote, please contact us either by phone or email. You can also make an appointment to come see us at our factory and we’ll show you how our frames are made.


Not sure what your house should look like? Difficult size block of land? We can help you design the perfect home for you. With in-house drafting we can create a floor plan and 3D model so you can do a virtual walk-through and ensure the design right for you.


We can fabricate all the required posts, beams and other structural components your home will need in house.


We can provide all drawings needed to get certification. Additional engineering and construction drawings can be provided as well.


We will also supply all standard and specific engineering. And we’ll organise Form 15 for you.


We can arrange and organize transport requirements. And we can provide advice to reduce transport costs, like minimising wide load requirements.